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Since 2006, BEE Rating Solutions staff have been involved in the verification industry and completed numerous verifications of Exempt Micro enterprises (EME’s), Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s) and Generic Companies that includes Multi Nationals and JSE listed Companies. We function within the spirit of our tagline “YOUR COMPLETE B-BBEE SOLUTION SINCE 2006 THAT ADDS ECONOMIC VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS” and our compelling proposal was developed in accordance with the Governments B-BBEE strategy and the balanced scorecard approach. Our verification processes and procedures are also based on the DTI’s guide for Verification Agencies.


BEE Rating Consulting is a Level 4 contributors to BEE with a procurement level of 100%. Our verification and consulting process has been developed over many years to meet the specific needs of our clients that includes orientation to clarify all the necessary issues in advance that may create misunderstandings down the line. Our vision is to play a leading role in supporting Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation in South Africa with the parameters created by the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act,2013 as amended and the Revised Codes of Good Practice, 2012.

Our primary focus is to consult companies by offering a fully comprehensive one stop shop service from planning to verification in the most cost effective way and ensure we add economic value to your business. We service clients mostly in Gauteng under both the DTI codes as well as all the Sector Charters

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