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We offer BEE consulting services with the purpose of educating clients on the best practice principles which we have established with experience in BEE that well exceeds 15 years.

BEE Rating Solutions Consulting

The changes in the Revised Codes of Good Practice necessitated the establishment of a consulting advisory company due to more stringent requirements to score points and the significant shift in approach.

BEE Rating Solutions Consulting has been positioned to present you the opportunity to benefit from a complete B-BBEE solution. One that will increase value to you and bring costs down by working with you and your existing suppliers and achieve compliancy levels that your business requirements as their client or if needed find you, suitable alternative suppliers. With this service offering, we coach, guide and advise you before, during and after the verification process on all the elements and sub-elements you are scored on in the Revised Codes of Good Practice by decreasing costs and adding value.

To achieve this objective our focus areas will be simplicity through guidance, an integrated verification approach and adding economic value to your business.

Our Competitive Edge


Simplicity will be achieved by treating your verification as an ongoing business process and not as a last-minute chaotic event. As a starting point, your B-BBEE objectives need to be set and understood.

Integrated Approach

An integrated approach means the solution is built around all the elements and sub-elements in the scorecard that will ensure consistency in the interpretation of the codes. In addition, we will put you in contact with competent and qualified service providers that will offer services in all the sub-element categories. This will ensure if you spend time, effort and money on achieving points it can be done with certainty.

Turnkey Solution

The complete solution we offer will increase value and reduce costs is built around advice and guidance on Ownership Solutions, Management Control, Skills Development, Procurement Enterprise and Supplier Development as well as Socio-Economic Development as per the Revised Codes of Good Practice.

Online Tracking

We will engage your company with an ongoing consulting service that is driven by a real-time online tracking tool to help built and compile a verification file throughout the year and keep you up to date at any time on your verification status. The required documentary evidence needed to score points are firmly set so by treating the process as ongoing being reviewed and adjusted regularly will surely relive the pain involved in the verification process.


Increased economic value will be achieved by our ability to aggregate products or services, negotiate better prices for you from reliable suppliers which could include your existing suppliers. By doing a supplier analyses on 20% of your suppliers that you procure 80% of your procurement from and do a value spend analyses on them would put you in a position to squeeze more value out of your supply chain and save costs.

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