BEE Verification

The verification process can be complex, frustrating and very unsatisfying with documents being sent back and forth causing big headaches. It is a more satisfactory experience when flowing from a consultation process and all parties are on the same page at all times. In addition, file preparation is suggested with an onsite file compilation day to ensure the correct documents are collected and added to the verification file.

BEE Rating Solutions Consulting will set you up with a BEE scorecard that is tailor-made for your company and circumstances. Having a valid scorecard increase procurement opportunities as well as your eligibility for Government incentives and investment.

Why You Need a Valid BEE Scorecard

Increased procurement opportunities by entities wishing to enhance their own B-BBEE status through preferential procurement        
Government licensing eligibility or licensing renewal process  
Financing decisions, where empowerment is a key criterion for sourcing the fund, e.g. B-BBEE Funds 
Independent, reliable proof of contributions made towards economic empowerment

BEE Verification Process

Here’s how to obtain a BEERS scorecard. For more information on the process, or for a ratings pack, please send an email to


Complete our online Verification request document and sent it back to us via the contact details on this document. Once we have received your submission, you will be contacted by our Operations Manager.


Once we have received your submission, you will be contacted by our Operations Manager with a proposal. Upon acceptance of the proposal, the Document Checklist will be sent to you.

Verification File

We will require all the documentary evidence to be sent to our office in hard copy or electronically. Your consultant will compile all the documents and calculate the scoring as well as collate the sampling needed for this verification.

On-Site Visit

On completion of the analysis, the file will be handed over to the SANAS Verification Agency who will then conduct a formal assessment on all the information provided. Upon this assessment, an on-site visit will be scheduled. Prior to this visit, an on-site plan will be mailed to you explaining the requirements for this visit.

Verification Outcome

Once you have gone through the verifications process, you will be awarded a verification certificate. The overall verification score will be issued as per guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice, e.g. Level 3 Contributor.

Should you require an in-depth report, especially for a board presentation, this can be arranged at an additional fee. 

Annual turnover of less than R50million?

You qualify as an Exempted Micro Entity (EME).
Based on the amended codes only a sworn affidavit will be required, therefore.

BEE Scorecard


Above 100 points
95 ~ 100 points
90 ~ 95 points
80 ~ 90 points
75 ~ 80 points
70 ~ 75 points
55 ~ 70 points
40 ~ 55 points
0 ~ 40 points


Level One Contributor
Level Two Contributor
Level Three Contributor
Level Four Contributor
Level Five Contributor
Level Six Contributor
Level Seven Contributor
Level Eight Contributor
Non-Compliant Contributor



How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the verification will be dependent on the complexity of the ownership structure, the number of employees, annual turnover, and the number of operating entities.        

100% of the fee is payable upfront upon acceptance of the proposal. Out-of-pocket expenses will be for the client’s account, and travel is charged for clients outside a 10km radius from our offices. There may be additional fees levied for analysing complex structures. This will be communicated once the ownership organogram is analysed before the acceptance of the quote.

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