Scenario Planning

We consult on the scorecard as well as on practical implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment that will improve your BEE profile. This service will start your company’s BEE processes and guide you in understanding what you require at a specified time period and in improving on the points gained on your future scorecard.

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Consulting Services

Educating the company to the intricacies of the codes and scorecard, providing all BEE status analysis, strategy and scenario planning as well as File Compilation services.

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Ownership Solutions

If you are a Generic Company or a QSE under the Revised Codes of Good Practice the minimum target on Black Ownership has become an imperative if you don’t want your score to drop by one or two levels.
We will explore options with you on how to acquire Black Ownership in the most cost effective sense and also make business sense.

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Supplier and Enterprise Development

We can assist you in guidance and engaging suitable candidates for these initiatives to ensure optimum points being awarded for these elements.
And also ensure that all the necessary documentary evidence will be made available for the points to be awarded once the verification takes place.

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Skills and Equity

We can assist you in the submission of both your Skills and Equity reports annually that will ensure you are legally compliant with these Acts and assist you in obtaining the B-BBEE points you deserve.

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File Compilation

It is essential to have your file properly prepared before your verification gets done. This saves time and a lot of frustration. We will help you compile your file on site to make sure it is ready for verification.

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BEE Consulting Services

We offer BEE consulting services with the purpose of educating clients on the best practice principles which we have established with experience in BEE that well exceeds 15 years.

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BEE Verification

BEE Rating Solutions Consulting will set you up with a BEE scorecard that is tailor-made for your company and circumstances. Having a valid scorecard increase procurement opportunities as well as your eligibility for Government incentives and investment.

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