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The biggest challenge in doing your companies B-BBEE verification is to ensure you understand what is needed to do the verification and that you are prepared for the event.

Consulting services helps you understand the requirements to achieve the B-BBEE level you want or need to be. A BEE level 8 is the worst compliant level that can be achieved in most cases by spending money on Skills Development, Enterprise Development, Supplier Development, Socio Economic Development and Procurement whereas a BEE Level 1 is you best level that can be achieved and will not be obtained unless you score full points on Black Ownership.

The levels in between are achieved through an optimum mix of the 5 pillars the BEE scorecard is verified on.

The consulting exercise is approached from a cost per point perspective where we assist you in reaching your required BEE level in the most cost-effective way. Your points are calculated to fill up your score starting at the cheapest points and then leave it up to you as the cost increase to determine whether it is worthwhile spending the money on achieving a better BEE level.

Before we recommend a consultation session a one on one meeting will be set up to discuss and understand your situation and jointly determine whether consultation services will benefit you. If there is  agreement for this to be the case a consultation day gets agreed on, information is requested upfront, processed on site on the consultation day, discussed and an implementation strategy agreed on.

We ensure that you Enterprise, Supplier Development and Socio Economic Development contributions are done correctly, to qualifying beneficiaries that
benefits your tax advantages and maximizes the points that are achievable.

BEE Rating solutions offers your company a one stop shop solutions to achieve you B-BBEE requirements.

Annual turnover of less than R50million?

You qualify as an Exempted Micro Entity (EME).
Based on the amended codes only a sworn affidavit will be required, therefore.

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