File Compilation

It is essential to have your file properly prepared before your verification gets done. This saves time and a lot of frustration. We will help you compile your file on site to make sure it is ready for verification.

Getting the file ready for verification has proven to be the most frustrating part of the B-BBEE verification process. This is done by the company being sent a document requirement list of verifiable proof that needs to be made available on site for the verification to be concluded successfully. The verification file needs to be meticulously prepared in line the Verification Agencies requirements determined by SANAS.

Often there is misunderstanding on what is being required and if what is being submitted is sufficient for what is needed. This leads to major frustration as Verification Agencies will not risk their operation licenses by letting through insufficient proof.
This service helps the person compiling your file to submit to the Verification Agency compile builds the file on site with the company to ensure there is no misunderstandings before the file is then submitted to the Verification Agency. It is still possible that the Verification Agency requires additional information based on what was upfront required by them, but this cannot be controlled upfront as it is always their prerogative to ask for additional information.

Annual turnover of less than R50million?

You qualify as an Exempted Micro Entity (EME).
Based on the amended codes only a sworn affidavit will be required, therefore.

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