Scenario Planning

We consult on the scorecard as well as on practical implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment that will improve your BEE profile. This service will start your company’s BEE processes and guide you in understanding what you require at a specified time period and in improving on the points gained on your future scorecard.

Implementing B-BBEE is a business decision and no-one is forced to do it. It is driven by your customers that would needs to get as many free points under procurement on their scorecard based on you companies BEE level. It is only Public Entities and Organs of the State who are compelled by Law to only procure from companies that are BEE compliant.
It is often important to understand the implications of various alternative choices and options in terms of your BEE. The impact of decisions introducing Black Ownership, employing Black Staff at management levels meeting the demographic requirements, or spending money on the elements of Skills Development, Supplier Development, Enterprise Development or Socio-Economic Development is very important for the sustainability of your business.
We will conduct an interactive scenario planning exercise at you premises discussing and advising on different option to ensure your decisions are optimized to make the best business sense for your business.

Annual turnover of less than R50million?

You qualify as an Exempted Micro Entity (EME).
Based on the amended codes only a sworn affidavit will be required, therefore.

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